Coach Jeoung’s tips: String hand

19 April 2017
Resident coach Kyeong Su Jeong outlines how to achieve good string hand position.


  • Proper string position using three fingers
  • Relaxing the thumb and little finger
  • Knuckles of the string hand are flat and extended slightly


An effective expansion and release is very dependent on the placement of the fingers on the string.  If the hook is too close to the finger tips, there is a tendency to apply pressure to the string to prevent it from slipping.  If the hook is too deep, it is difficult to have a clean and fast release of the string.

How to:

  1. String placement – Place the string behind the first joint of the middle finger, just behind the joint of the index finger and ring finger (illustration 1)
  2. When the hook position is created, it is important that the string pressure should be evenly distributed between the index and middle finger rather than the ring finger. The hand should naturally turn slightly. The string will now be on the joint of the index finger, just behind the joint of the middle finger, and depending on the length of the ring finger, it might be in front or behind the joint. (illustration 2)
  3. During the entire shot, consciously relax the thumb and little finger (illustration 3)
  4. When at full draw the wrist to the first finger joint should be flat. (illustration 4)
  5. In order, to create a naturally relaxed string hand, relax the wrist and forearm, as much as possible. (illustration 4)

Coach Jeoung Su Kyeong will continue to share his tips with you in the coming weeks.

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