Collaboration with the Archery Association of Vaud

3 May 2017
The Archery Association of Vaud (AVTA) has signed a collaboration agreement with the World Archery Excellence Centre (WAEC) to cooperate together in archery programs, development and performance activities and event organization.

This is the second agreement the World Archery Excellence Centre has entered into this year, the first being with the Club of Archers of Lausanne, to extend the services of the Centre to the local archery community.
“It is a pleasure for the Centre to support AVTA in their promotional, development and performance activities focused on growing archery in the region. AVTA is a very active association in which we have common goals with. These goals will be more attainable through collaboration. This includes competitions, coaches courses, training camps, use of our facilities by their members or support archery promotional activities organized by AVTA in the region,” said Juan-Carlos Holgado, World Archery Excellence Centre Director.
"The goal of this collaboration is to promote archery through easy access for AVTA members. The Excellence Centre’s structure is open to the regional level with training and courses for both beginners and experienced archers. Training courses can be run in a professional framework created by experienced professionals. Competitions will also be organized for members. We thank World Archery Excellence Centre along with the Fond du Sport Vaudois, for this visionary archery development collaboration," said Rene Mottier, AVTA President.